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 Microalgal    Office: 972-8-6596817
 Biotechnology  Lab:   972-8-6596823
 Laboratory     Fax:   972-8-6596742

Inst. Agric. Biotechnolol of Dryland,
Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research,
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 
Sde Boqer 84990, Israel
* Where was I, and where do I roam:
Senior Lecturer (retired) at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel
*  1992-2000: Department of Life Sciences Remembering Noun Shavit ...   Noun Shavit
*  2000-2002: Unit of Science Teaching,
*  2002-2004: Dept. of Biotech. Engineering,
*  **present*: Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory.

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* What am I up to:
* Research Projects
Improving current views of Cell function (confused? consult my glossary...)
* Organization of metabolism. Functional implications of structure in cellular systems
* Firefly luciferase. Use of the bioluminescent enzyme as a probe for:
  • local ATP concentration
  • protein traffic and assembly
  • gene transcription and expression
* Macromolecular recognition
Hydrophobicity as a major determinant of geometric surface complementarity
in protein folding and macromolecular interactions.
* Hexokinase-VDAC Interaction
Coordination between heads and tails of animal energy metabolism .
* Algal Cell and Molecular Biology
Molecular aspects of Haematococcus pluvialis cellular response to stress

* Teaching/Learning affinities and tools
Improving Science Education through connected learning communities, giving more responsibilities to students, achieving their empowerment as cooperative life-long learners.
* Tertiary level: Learning Sciences.
* Secondary level: Breaking barriers between schools and Universities,

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