Biochemical Goodies

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Here is (or will be...) a catch-all of illustrations, handouts, class problems, and demonstration outlines from biochemistry classes.

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List of Goodies, by Topics

Water and Biomolecules

Basics of Bioinformatics

Protein Structure

Enzyme Kinetics & Mechanism

Bioenergetics: Oxidative Phosphorylation and Photophosphorylation

Carbohydrate Metabolism (see also the Metab. Pathw. Biochem. site)

Metabolism: Regulation and Integration

OPG Excellent pages can be also found in a project to develop web-based educational materials for teaching biochemistry of metabolism in studio format. By Joyce Diwan.

From DNA to organized Cell

OPG The Great Experiments are short essays explaining many of the classic experiments of the 20th century that have contributed most significantly to our understanding of biology at the molecular and cellular level. A powerful, empowering experience providing first hand historical perspective. The project initiated and continuously developed by Ergito, a new company dedicated to propagate web-based educational materials for Molecular and Cell Biology, was founded by Benjamin Lewin, a former editor of Cell.

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