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All original materials at this web site are the property of Gale Rhodes or Claude Aflalo, and may not be included in any commercial publication without a licensing agreement.

Teachers: Please support our activities at this web site by requesting permission to include any of these materials in your courses. Simply send me a brief e-mail telling us how these materials fit into your plans, and how many students will be using the site or printed files. We will deeply appreciate a brief, informal e-mail report at the end of your course, including corrections, suggestions, and descriptions of how you modified these materials to suit your needs.

You may use, download, and reproduce documents or images at this site for educational purposes, on the condition that you obtain permission and give credit to the author.

Why Ask For Permission?

College and university faculty are facing the question of how the development of web materials should be compared to traditional forms of scholarship. Unlike peer-reviewed journals, the web at large has no quality control. The primary indication that a web document is useful is that people use it. By asking permission, by specifying how you will use materials, and by giving feedback later on, you give authors proof that their work is attracting readers and users. Unlike counts of web access to documents (so-called hits), requests for permission and feedback are meaningful forms of peer evaluation from the web audience. By reporting your results, you also support further improvements. If you believe that useful web materials constitute worthy scholarship, then let web authors use your permission requests and your feedback to help win support from colleagues for their efforts.

Thank you for your interest in this web site.

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