July 2009

Roman: First single-molecules bursts observed in a newly build freely diffusing setup capable of measuring both FRET and ALEX ratios.


March 2010
Roman: First time trajectories acquired from immobilized molecules by TIRF setup

May 2010
Noa: DNA is doubly labeled with donor Cy3B and acceptor ATTO 647N through PCR with labeled primers.

Doubly Labeled DNA

July 2010

Miran: First DNA Origami is visualized with AFM

Origami on AFM

September 2010
Roman: First Fast dynamics of DNA hairpin was acquired with several millisecond time resolutions


Rula: First demonstration of my motor activity: binding of walker and track followed by the releasing of the left-leg upon fuel addition.

October 2010:

Rula: Complete first step measurement: starting with constructing the complete motor (state-A), continuing with introducing first fuel and releasing of left-leg from T1 and binding to T3 (state-B).

March 2011

Roman: More than 95% of DNA origami rectangle bound the surface in the desired orientation (face up)
Origami Orientation

Tommy: First time successful measurement of walker striding on origami on the TIRF setup.
Walker in FRET

Noa: Reconstitution of nucleosome from 4 histones and doubly labeled DNA.

Histones and DNA

Noa: Doubly-labeled (dl) DNA with H4-E63C-ATTO 647N octamer.

      1.      Only doubly-labeled DNA.
NCP with dlDNA and octamer without H4-ATTO 647N.
NCP with dlDNA and octamer containing one copy of H4-ATTO 647N.
NCP with dlDNA and octamer containing two copies of H4-ATTO 647N.

April 2011:
Rula: Three motor states (A, B and C) detected and side reactions are identified.
    Motor's States

Tommy: A successful completion of full striding cycle of walker on origami.
Walker Striding

July-August 2011:

Miran: managed to receive good separation of DNA Origami-AuNP complexes form unbonded DNA Origami and free AuNP.

DNA Origami-AuNP Complexes

September 2011:
Congratulation to Tommy. His paper titled “Disentangling subpopulations  in  single-molecule  FRET  and  ALEX  experiments  with  photon distribution analysis” was accepted to Biophysical Journal

Photon Distribution Analysis

September-October 2011:
Rula: Successful measurement of the kinetics of binding walker to track and of leg-lifting reaction upon fuel addition.