talya sadeh

Talya Sadeh

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. I received my B.A in English linguistics and cognitive sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I then completed a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Tel Aviv University, working under the supervision of Yonatan Goshen-Gottstein. My post-doctoral training was conducted at Bacyrest Centre and the University of Toronto under the guidance of Morris Moscovitch.

avi gamoran

Avi Gamoran

My research interests include, but are not limited to, episodic memory, natural language processing (NLProc) and metacognition. I'm a PhD student under the joint supervision of Talya Sadeh and Michael Gilead. A current project is training language models to distinguish between real memories and imagined events. Other ongoing projects include exploring deliberate strategies employed in recollection, and using neuroimaging to study forgetting of contextual information over time.

zohar groman

Zohar Groman

M.A. student of cognitive and brain sciences. My research is in the field of meta-cognition and its purpose is to investigate the inconsistency between forgetting and meta-forgetting. Specifically, I am interested in the effects of delay on the alignment between objective (e.g., accuracy) and subjective (e.g., confidence) measures of memory.

yael amit

Yael Amit

I am an M.A. student in neuroscience, jointly supervised with Dr. Florina Uzefovsky. My research focuses on the fascinating relationship between memory and empathy. I am interested in understanding the way empathic experience affects the processes underlying encoding and remembering the experience. My study also examines the way the perception of the other and the self influences both the empathic response and memory performance.

dana vaknin

Dana Vaknin

I received my bachelor's degree in neuroscience and psychology at BGU, and now I am an M.A student in neuroscience. My research focuses on how pre-encoding processes affect episodic memory. Specifically, how does overlap in pre-encoding and encoding contexts (same context) enhance memory performance, compared to different context conditions, and how does disruption of spontaneous stream of thoughts during rest decrease the pre-encoding effect.

zohar rotem

Zohar Rotem

M.A student, social psychology and data science, jointly supervised with Dr. Michael Gilead. My research is in the field of social cognition, which combines both my interest in memory and social aspects of behaviour. We are looking at the interaction between episodic memory and decision-making processes. Specifically, we ask if the use of episodic memory can improve the accuracy of predicting behavior and outcomes.