Avraham (Rami) Reiner

Other Publications

1. The lost tosafists. Review of S. Emanuel’s book: Fragments of the tablets, Haaretz, 4.07.

2. Tough Are Gerim, Havruta – A Journal of Jewish Conversation 1 (2008), pp. 54-62.

3. When the 'Suggia' Becomes a Parody. Makor Rishon, 3.09.

4. גוזר גזירה ומקיימה תחילה, מקור ראשון,מאי 2010.

5. 2010. "G-d is the First to Fulfill his Decisions”, Makor Rishon, 1 page.

6.  2012. “It All Starts With the Exclusion (of Women) from Torah Study”, Makor Rishon, 1 page.

7.  2012. “Beyond the Letter of the Law”, Makor Rishon, 3 pages.


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