Haim (Howard) Kreisel

Livyat Hen - The Secrets of the Faith, The Gate of the Haggadah

by R. Levi ben Avraham (Heb.)

Critical annotated edition with introduction and edition of section of poem Battei ha-Nefesh ve-Lahashim

Beer-Sheva: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press, 2014.

(Goldstein-Goren Library of Jewish Thought, Vol. 19)

Part two of the sixth treatise of R. Leviís encyclopedia and part two of the seventh treatise. Topics discussed include Godís attributes, free will, creation, miracles, providence, the World to Come, resurrection of the dead, redemption, and the philosophical interpretation of rabbinic aggadah.

465 pages (+ LXXIX page introduction), including bibliography and indices.


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