Haim (Howard) Kreisel

The Writings of R. Moshe Ibn Tibbon:

 Sefer Peah, Maamar HaTaninim, Perush ha-Azharot LeRav Shlomo Ibn Gabirol

 critical annotated edition with introductions

(together with Colette Sirat and Avraham Israel)

Beer-Sheva: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press , 2010.

(Goldstein-Goren Library of Jewish Thought, Vol. 12)

Three previously unpublished writings of the 13th century philosopher and translator R. Moshe Ibn Tibbon. Sefer Peah presents philosophic-rationalistic interpretations of a range of biblical verses and of rabbinic aggadot; Maamar HaTaninin focuses on aggadot regarding this biblical creature as well as other matters relating to the beginning of Genesis. Perush ha-Azharot LeRav Shlomo Ibn Gabirol is primarily a legal commentary on Ibn Gabirolís liturgical poem presenting the 613 commandments.

448 pages, including bibliography and indices.

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