Prof. Ariel Kushmaro


B.Sc. Biology, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1990.

M.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Microbiology, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University, 1992. ,Name of advisors: Prof. E. Rosenberg and Prof. E. Z. Ron, Title of thesis: Application of bacteria & fertilizer F-1 for treatment of petroleum contaminated beach sand on the Israeli Mediterranean coast.

Ph.D. (Cum Laude), Departments of Zoology and Microbiology, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1999. Name of advisors: Prof. Y. Loya and Prof. E. Rosenberg Title of thesis: Interactions between corals and their associated bacteria.

Research Interests:

Biological treatment of industrial wastewater.

Microbial degradation of haloorganic compounds.

Biology of wastewater reservoirs.

Molecular microbial ecology.



Publications (last 5 years):    Google Scholar Citations

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