Nomi Erteschik‑Shir                                                                                                                                          

Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics

Ben Gurion University of the Negev. P.O.Box 653, Beer Sheva 84105





Office:    972-8-6461117

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Selected Publications and papers:



Information Structure:


Information Structure and (in)definiteness. (to appear) In Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Anne Zribi-Hertz (eds) Languages with and without articles, Syntax and semantics, Emerald.

            Canonical Information Structures. talk at Harvard, May 8, 2009.


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with Ariel Cohen 2002. Topic, Focus and the Interpretation of Bare plurals. Natural Language Semantics, 10, 125-165.


The Dynamics of Focus Structure. 1997. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.



Sound Patterns of Syntax:

          With Gunlög Josefsson. 2013 Prosody – a source of word-order microparameters, 25th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics, Reykjavik.

Prosody – a source of word-order microparameters 2012 (research proposal)


With Lisa Rochman (eds) (2010) The Sound Patterns of Syntax. Oxford University Press, Oxford.


The phonology of adverb placement, OS and V-2: The case of Danish ‘MON’. 2010. in Erteschik-Shir, Nomi and Lisa Rochman (eds) The Sound Patterns of Syntax, Oxford University Press, Oxford.


The sound patterns of syntax: the case of Object Shift, 2005. Theoretical Linguistics, 31, 47-94.


What is Syntax? 2005. Theoretical Linguistics 31, 263-274. (Response to peer reviews.)




With Lena Ibnbari, and Taube, Sharon. (to appear) Missing objects as Topic Drop, Lingua


Parallel syntactic structures, silence and linearization 2008. (research proposal).


Atom Theory:


with Tova Rapoport 2010. Contacts as Results. in Syntax, Lexical Semantics, and Event Structure eds. Malka Rappaport-Hovav, Edit Doron and  Ivy Sichel, Oxford University Press, Oxford.


with Tova Rapoport 2007. Projecting argument structure: The grammar of hitting and breaking revisited. in Argument Structure, eds. Tanmoy Bhattacharya, KV Subbarao and Eric Reuland. John Benjamins, Amsterdam. 17-34


with Tova Rapoport 2005. Path Predicates. in Erteschik-Shir, and T.R. Rapoport (eds)

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Theoretical Linguistics: Interfaces in the Theory of Grammar, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 65-86.


with Tova Rapoport 2004. Aspectual Focus: Bare Aspect in Jacqueline Guéron and Jacqueline Lecarme (eds) The Syntax of Time, MIT Press. 217-234.


Updated August 2013