Prof. Moshe Justman

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Dean, School of Economics and Business Administration,

Ruppin Academic Center

Tel: +972-9-898-3003



Professor emeritus,

Department of Economics,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Tel: +972-8-647-2292





Research Interests | Publications | Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

  • Political economy of education; Education, culture and social capital.
  • Public, private and decentralized funding and provision of education.
  • Equal opportunity; intergenerational mobility; access to education; gender bias.
  • Education indicators and statistics; measuring value-added.
  • Economics of innovation and technology policy; technological infrastructure.
  • Regional development and internal migration; development of the Negev.


Selected Publications and Working Papers by Topic

Political economy of education; culture and social capital; historical perspectives
  • M. Gradstein and M. Justman. Immigration, diversity and growth. WP. 2020.
  • M. Gradstein and M. Justman. Cultural interaction and economic development: An overview. European Journal of Political Economy. 2019
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  • M. Gradstein and M. Justman. Democratic Choice of an Education System: Implications for Growth and Income Distribution. Journal of Economic Growth 2:169-183. 1997.


Public, private and decentralized education; religious schools

         D. Cohen-Zada and M. Justman. "The Religious Factor in Private Education in the United States", in S. Iyer, J. Rubin and J-P Carvalho, eds., Advances in the Economics of Religion. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2019.

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Equal opportunity; intergenerational mobility; access to education; gender bias

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         N. Friedman-Sokuler and M. Justman. Gender, culture and STEM: Counter-intuitive patterns. Economics of Education Review 2019.

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  • Y. Gilboa and M. Justman,University Tuition Subsidies and Student Loans: A Quantitative Analysis, Israel Economic Review 7(1):1-37. 2009.


Education indicators; measuring value-added; measurement and policy
  • M. Justman. Randomized controlled trials informing public policy: Lessons from project STAR and class size reduction. European Journal of Political Economy 54:167-174. 2018.
  • B. Houng and M. Justman. NAPLAN Scores as Predictors of Access to Higher Education. Melbourne Institute WP 22/14, Melbourne University, 2014.
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Economics of innovation; technology policy; technological infrastructure.

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Regional development and internal migration; development of the Negev
  • M. Justman, J.-F. Thisse  and T. Van Ypersele. Fiscal Competition and Regional Differentiation. Regional Science and Urban Economics 35(6): 848-861. 2005.
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