Prof. Mark Gradstein


Office Address:

Department of Economics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel

Tel: +972-8-64-72288

Fax: +972-8-64-72941




Political Economy of Growth and Development


Research Interests

Political economy, education, growth and development.


Selected Recent Publications

“Misallocation of Talent and Human Capital:  Political Economy Analysis”, 2019, European Economic Review, 118, 148-157.


“Government Decentralization as a Commitment in Non-Democracies,” 2017, Journal of Comparative Economics, 45, 110-118.


"Income Windfalls and Schooling: Evidence from International Oil Price Shocks," 2016, with M. Brueckner, Journal of Human Capital, 10, 212-234.


“National Income and its Distribution,” 2015, with M. Brueckner and E. Dabla Norris, Journal of Economic Growth, 20, 149-175.


“Government Spending Cyclicality: Evidence from Transitory and Persistent Shocks in Developing Countries,” 2014, with M. Brueckner, Journal of Development Economics, 111, 107-116.


“Exogenous Volatility and the Size of Government,” 2013, with M. Brueckner, Journal of Development Economics, 105, 254-266.


“Effects of Transitory Shocks to Aggregate Output on Consumption in Poor Countries,” 2013, with M. Brueckner, Journal of International Economics, 91, 343-357.


“Estimating Permanent Income Elasticity of Government Expenditures: Evidence on Wagner's Law Based on Oil Price Shocks,” 2012, Journal of Public Economics, 96, 1025-35 (with M. Brueckner and A. Chong).


“Is the World Flat? Country Level and Firm Level Determinants of Law Compliance,” 2011, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 27, 245-271, with A. Chong.