Research interests 

First of all I am a Physicist, second a Condensed Matter Physicist, but I am interested in many other things.  At present I am mainly interested in ordered aperiodic structures such as quasicrystals and modulated crystals, but also more exotic structures going beyond that.  Recently I worked on applications of the cluster approach to crystalline structures, both periodic and aperiodic, as well as the hierarchical organization of matter.  At present I focus on hybrid quasiperiodic-periodic structures constructed by cut-and-projection from superspace to 3D so that a second cut-and-projection yields a 2D quasiperiodic structure.

I  take active part in seminars and workshops on nanostructures as well as biophysics.

I work also in the field of statistical physics.  In metrology I am trying to propagate a redefinition of SI base units in terms of the von Klitzing and Josephson constants.

For a decade or so I have worked on liquid crystals.

I started my scientific career with the study of defects, mainly dislocations.  I have remained faithful to that subject ever since and have looked for defects in crystals, liquid crystals and aperiodic crystals.

Research in progress

        Local configurations in aperiodic structures: beyond first order and beyond icosahedral quasicrystals

        Cluster approach to aperiodic crystals generalizations

        Dodecagonal tilings generalizations

        Rectangle-triangle tilings generalizations

        Constructing quasiperiodic structures by cut-and-projection in several stages